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The Ultimate Home Gym

The most complete training experience and a tiny footprint

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The M2 Total Trainer enables exercise to better serve our health needs for a more productive lifestyle.

The M2 Total Trainer
The McLernon Method Fitness System

  • What sets the M2 Total Trainer apart is its unique band and pulley system.  Its ability to safely load two body parts while fluidly matching the speed & mobility of movement is unparalleled.
  • Exercises that replicate natural movement properly train the neuromuscular systems to develop the strength, flexibility, coordination and power to function in life.  For this reason, the most effective workouts are designed around the body’s natural patterns of movement.
  • Virtually all movement involves the rotation of the hips and shoulders. The M2 can safely and progressively add resistance to the rotational characteristics of the hips and shoulders.  This unique ability changes the paradigm of exercise design and makes the M2 Total Trainer a game changer for fitness, health and performance.
  • The M2 Total Trainer has a tiny footprint, yet it provides the most complete training experience.  It is the only exercise machine that enables the safe and effective execution of the McLernon Method Fitness System.
  • The McLernon Method Fitness System trains the body as it was designed to perform, providing the safest, most efficient workout possible.
  • The M2 App provides the guidance and tools to safely and effectively execute the McLernon Method Fitness Systems.
  • Explore and learn more about the McLernon Method fitness revolution.

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