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DRC Fitness Instructor Chase Receives Inspirational Wellness Award | Derby News

You can remove a teacher from a classroom, but that passion and desire to teach never goes away.

Cindy Chase has a degree in education and was a teacher in the Derby School District before leaving the classroom. Today, Chase teaches a different type of class – fitness classes – and has done so for the Derby Recreational Commission for 30 years.

It all started when Chase started teaching fitness classes before moving to DRC as a full-time instructor teaching step aerobics.

Chase has taught a wide variety of classes for the DRC and has taken many different classes as the fitness industry landscape changes.

“Fitness is one of those industries that is constantly changing because you don’t want to get into a rut, so the fitness industry is coming up with new ways to exercise, to motivate people and to keep them going. “, said Chase. “The fitness industry is constantly evolving and adding new classes; pilates and yoga are big now. I have had many opportunities to teach and I feel privileged to have my position. I’m a big DRC fan.

Cindy Chase has been a DRC fitness instructor for 30 years. Chase was honored for its service to the DRC and its customers with the Trina Bauer Inspirational Wellness Award.

For Chase, his work in the DRC was never just a job; it’s always been about people coming to classes and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

“I don’t see it as just a fitness class, because there are people who regularly wake up to come to class,” Chase said. “They depend on it and know it’s good for their health, and I take it very seriously.”

These classes go beyond the fitness needs of many of her clients, and the community is growing strong. Chase aims to provide a cohesive and welcoming environment in its classes, as many people depend on it as part of their routine.

“For people in my classes, when they make appointments, it’s around the class,” Chase said. “They take it seriously, and it’s just part of their day.”

According to Chase, the DRC

and its instructors make an excellent

work to create an inclusive environment where anyone can enter at any time

time or fitness level and start where they are.

“It’s intimidating for someone to walk into a class with a lot of people who have been coming to the class for years, and then they’re the new person,” Chase said. “As an instructor, you really have to be accommodating, welcoming and show them that we have all fitness levels here. You start where you can and then progress from there. You can’t compare yourself to someone who’s been coming to class for 10 years. All of our instructors do a great job showing modifications people can start with. »

Like many fitness centers, the DRC is seeing more activity to start the year, and classes have more attendees.

“In January, people tend to start a little more, and that’s the point,” Chase said. “I tell people the hardest part is getting started, so you just want to bring them in.”

Chase has expressed his passion for fitness classes and encourages anyone on the fence to join one to try a fitness class.

“Come try it,” Chase said. “I know that when a person walks in alone, it’s intimidating. But if they knew how nice the people in the classrooms are and that they’re going to help them as soon as they come in – then you come in, and you’re not alone right away.

Chase was recently recognized for her service to the DRC and its members as the recipient of the Trina Bauer Inspirational Wellness Award.

“When they told me, I broke down and cried. The award itself is an honor just because of who it is named after,” Chase said. always admired and respected so to win something with her name is an honor then to be recognized by your peers and see the nomination letters and the things they said about me is not something you I take it lightly.

According to Chase, she felt she had to split the prize with everyone because there are so many other great instructors at DRC. In addition, she is passionate about her job and enjoys working at the DRC.

“I felt truly honored to work at DRC,” Chase said. “It’s like when you wake up in the morning and you’re happy to go to work every day. It’s a good place and I like the people there.

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