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Fitness Assessment Airmen test new PT options

AOT 9 2021 – Fitness Assessment Airmen from the 52nd Force Support Squadron have begun testing new physical training options that are expected to be available across the Air Force in early 2022.

New cardio alternatives consist of the traditional 1.5 mile run, 1 mile walk, or High Aerobic Multi-shuttle Run (20M HAMR) to meet cardio demands. Push-up options consist of traditional push-ups or manual release push-ups for one strength component, and for sit-ups, options include traditional sit-ups, reverse cross-legged crunch or a plank for the other component of the force. strength.

Staff sergeants. Tammy Santana and Giacomo Samms, managers of the 52nd FSS Fitness Assessment Center, saw firsthand the process of monitoring these new alternatives.

“All of the tests we administer for these new alternatives are mock tests,” Santana said. “No one can use these options for their official test yet, but they can volunteer to try it out and see if these new options are better for them than the traditional options.”

Samms said it was a positive change for Air Force members who have a functional fitness background.

“This change will be beneficial for members who have athletic backgrounds,” Samms said. “For example, many athletes are familiar with the 20M HAMR test and may find this option more suitable for testing their fitness compared to a traditional run.”

While members are not yet able to use these options for their official PT testing, diagnostic testing has become an option for those who wish to test their abilities earlier than the scheduled testing date.

“The diagnostic tests allow USAF members to see where they are in terms of physical condition,” Santana said. “If members are happy with their scores, they can use those scores as an official test. “

If groups, squadrons, or individual members would like to try out the new PT options with mock testing, contact the FAC team at the Eifel Powerhaus Gym for more information, or register here:

Story by Staff Sgt. Melody Howley
52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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