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Fitness instructor Awasthi rethinks exercise modules – the New Indian Express

The Work at Home Warriors (WFH) have a savior. Hyderabad-based freelance fitness instructor Vishwas Awasthi organized a specific exercise program for those who drag themselves home for an extended period. With nearly eight hours a day spent in not-so-ergonomic chairs, personalized training can save lives. About two million deaths each year are attributed to physical inactivity; and a WHO risk factor study suggests that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the top 10 causes of death and disability worldwide.

With companies extending the WFH for employees until December 2021, Awasthi has redesigned the exercise modules suitable for its students in this new normal. He suggests that even while sitting in the chair, there are a bunch of moves one can do to stay in shape. “I recommend tricep dips and close-grip upper body pushups. For the lower body, I ask them to do lunges and hip raises in addition to a basic floor workout. Make your chair, desk, mat and sofa your gym equipment and improve yourself one rep at a time, ”he says.

The 24-year-old K11 certified fitness instructor, who has trained nearly 35 students (almost currently), one-on-one since 2017, has also added “mindfulness” to his workouts. “Usually yoga is what we associate with mind-body connection and mindfulness. I train my students to focus completely on the way their bodies move and react, while they are training, ”he says. “You have to feel the sensation that your joints feel when you lift a weight. Savor the stretch in your lower back as you lean forward.

You need to be fully aware and present during training, ”he adds. Awasthi believes that mindfulness while doing physical exercises leads to good mental health. “Training helps to stay focused, to be in the present and to be involved in the body’s responses. It should be that hour when nothing else matters. High levels of focus on the body ease mood and sharpen cognitive thinking. My modules are based on this credo and I am sure that it will be useful to everyone, ”he explains.

Try them out during the WFH coffee breaks

Lunges make your lower body stronger and strengthen your core to give better stability and improve hip mobility
Planks improve your posture, strengthen the core and improve metabolism
Push-ups improve upper body strength, posture and promote core strength

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