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Fitness instructor bounces back from serious car crash

CHARLOTTE, NC — After a serious car accident four years ago, a Charlotte fitness instructor thought her career might be over. Thanks to spinal surgery and a certain determination, she resumed teaching.

What do you want to know

  • Andrea Logan teaches High Intensity Interval Training at Volofit at the south end
  • After a car accident in 2017, she underwent spinal surgery
  • It took her about a year to recover, but now she’s back teaching and doing what she loves.

Logan said her workout classes are fast and intense, and the studio offers a variety of high-intensity interval workouts that change daily.

“I love teaching,” Logan said. “It’s one of my favorite things. It almost gives me a high knowing that I can motivate people to go where they need to go.

She enjoys helping people achieve their goals and pushing them to levels they never thought they were capable of. It’s a career and a passion she almost lost following a car accident in 2017.

Logan was in a traffic jam in Los Angeles when a driver crashed into the back of his car.

“She hit me at about 60 miles an hour and my car trunk was almost up to the back seats,” Logan said. “My discs collapsed and went into my spine.”

She needed spinal surgery, which can be risky, but there was something else that worried her. Logan struggled with bulimia for several years and fitness helped her through the disease.

“I was afraid that what I’ll call my monster would come back,” Logan said. “It wasn’t just the trip of my neck. It took away something that saved me, which was fitness and I call it my best friend.

Fortunately, her surgery went well and it only took her a year to make a full recovery.

“One of the things my doctor told me was that if I hadn’t been this fit, my injuries would have been worse,” Logan said.

Now she’s back to doing what she loves. Just as people have helped her throughout her fitness journey, she hopes to help others.

“I want to empower people to know that you can go through anything,” Logan said.

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