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Fitness instructor goes viral on Myanmar coup workout video

Exercise instructor unwittingly captured opening moments of Myanmar military coup in dance video

She hadn’t expected that a simple aerobics video would bring instant and widespread fame on the internet.

In Myanmar, when a convoy of military vehicles arrived at parliament to overthrow the government in a coup, Khing Hnin Wai was recording his aerobics video in the area.

On Monday, the arrival of army vehicles was filmed in the background of the video. Khing, however, continued to dance without missing a step, reports.

Khing, a physical education teacher in Myanmar, did not foresee that a simple aerobics video would bring instant and widespread fame on the Internet.

Khing was recording the video for a dance fitness competition and she wanted to win it, so she continued her aerobic exercises without embarrassment as the military arrived at Myanmar’s parliament in the background of her video.

She eventually noticed that helicopters and vehicles with heavy weapons were heading towards the parliament, and some officers even gave her a smile as they passed.

Some social media users have expressed concerns that the video could be fake, but according to research cited by BuzzFeed News, the claim is unlikely to be true.

The physical education teacher, who is an employee of Myanmar’s Ministry of Education, has also posted other videos in the past that were recorded at the same location.

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