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Fitness Instructor Highlights Importance of Developing ‘Foot Grip Strength’

Overall physical fitness can only be achieved when every part of the body is working to its maximum capacity. However, while much emphasis is placed on overall strength, flexibility, and grip, we often forget to pay as much attention to foot construction. grip strength.

This is where the problems start, fitness instructor Imran Khurshaidi pointed out in an Instagram post.

“Foot grip strength is as important as grip strength, if not more. Forget lifting weights or climbing mountains, our foot grip strength allows us to run, and to run better than any of our quadrupeds or even other primates. When our foot hits the ground while running, the big toe and lateral fingers expand gripping the surface to slow down and create a braking mechanism to reduce and absorb impact,” he said in the post.

According to Khurshaidi, gripping also allows the foot to store kinetic energy to propel the body upward and forward during the “propulsion phase of the gait cycle.” “Wrapping our functional feet in modern shoes has limited the grip strength of our feet,” he said.

That’s probably why fitness enthusiasts love Milind Soman avoid closed shoes, especially while running.

“I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can’t run with my natural form… For me, soft/hard surface doesn’t matter, technique matters. Run slow,” he said while stating that he preferred Vibram Five Fingers with cut toes or Luna Sandals.

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