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Fitness instructor in Spain gives aerobics class from rooftop

A fitness instructor in Spain has managed to keep locals active despite coronavirus quarantine, after continuing to teach … from a rooftop. Absolutely ingenious.

In the video, you can see the instructor keeping spirits up as he guides residents of an apartment complex in Seville, southern Spain, through an aerobics workout.

Located on a rooftop at center of several apartment blocks, the clip shows other people joining in the workout and copying his moves from their own balcony, in turn getting their dose of fitness at a time when the country is on lockdown to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

To an upbeat soundtrack, locals were guided through everything from crunches and squats to star hopping, with many appearing to fully enjoy the joint training.

The images were shared on Instagram by Spanish fitness group Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales, who said the man was an instructor called Gonzalo.

The company’s post read: “This is how @gonzalo_gbroto spends time with his neighbors.

“This is the spirit of Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales.

“Despite these adverse circumstances, we will get the most out of you.”

Credit: Instagram / Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales

The Spanish government declared a state of emergency on Saturday March 14 and ordered the closure of all schools, restaurants, cinemas and non-essential stores. People were ordered not to leave their homes unless they were traveling to buy food or medicine, care for elderly friends or relatives, or go to work, a health center or at the bank.

At the time of writing, there are more than 7,800 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Spain and 292 people have died after testing positive for the disease.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video has been a huge hit online, where the news hasn’t always been so uplifting lately.

According to Metro, after the clip went viral, Gonzalo said he was inspired to lead the practice because he was just bored, but also said that we “can’t let the sport and our values ​​go.” fall by the wayside during quarantine.

He said: “It was something spontaneous and sporadic because I was bored …

“I think this is an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and sport and that we are all united.”

Gonzalo added: “We’re going to be fine.”

Credit: Instagram / Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales
Credit: Instagram / Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales

The energetic coach was showered with praise online, with one commenting on Instagram: “It was my favorite video of the day.

“Whoever hired him was very wise and lucky to find such a nice man to work for them.”

Another wrote: “The people are amazing.”

LADbible contacted Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales for any updates – aside from anything else, I think we would all like to be the first to know if Gonzalo ever releases a series of workout videos that the rest of us can follow. at home.

It’s good not to panic. LADbible and UNILAD’s goal with our campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from people who are qualified to comment or who have experienced first hand the situation we are facing. For more information on global health Organization on the Coronavirus, Click here.

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