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Fitness Instructor’s Tips for Working Out After a Break

I have worked a lot these last months. In fact, you could say that I was one of those people who fully embraced the home gym lifestyle. But even though I thrived with my running challenges, online workout classes, and experimental workouts, even I needed a break.

Naturally, I encourage and support rest days, but for me it turned into a week of rest. And then a month off. I took so long that I found myself a little nervous about joining my favorite online workout class. As I decided to dust off my favorite UA HOVR™ Machina running shoes ($150) and start moving again, I found myself a little tougher than normal.

To help me overcome this fear and offer some advice to anyone, like me, who may have found themselves on a little break from training, I turned to one of the instructors I listen to the most. when I train at home, Platoon instructor Selena Samuela.

Samuela, who tackles everything from running to bootcamp, shared with me her top five tips for any athlete—regardless of skill level—to get back to an active lifestyle after a break.

All about timing

“Take your time and take the time to get back to basics,” Samuela said. In this case, she emphasized the importance of focusing on form. “Yes [you’re] lift, don’t let your ego get in the way,” she said. “It’s an easy way to hurt yourself by returning to where you left off. Instead, accept that you will have to rebuild until that. It starts with form, good form will allow you to progress faster and avoid injury.”

Think of the big picture

Be sure to focus on total work time rather than pace if you’re focusing on cardio training, Samuela explained. Although I’m frustrated that I can’t get to my 5k pace as fast as I did in the spring, the important thing is that I get going and can still run for 30 minutes. As Samuela suggested, sometimes it’s important to focus on the big picture of training. Details like speed and pacing are things you can always rebuild.

Have fun

“Do the things you love the most first,” Samuela said. Whether it’s a certain sport like running, cycling, yoga, or weightlifting or the social aspect of training, finding what makes your workout fun is key. If you’d rather add a little social flair, Samuela suggested working out with a buddy or taking a virtual fitness class with a friend through an online platform like the Peloton app. As someone who has relied on the fitness community more than ever, I can attest that recruiting your friends for virtual workouts is a great way to stay accountable and excited about your workout.

Always warm up

According to Samuela, this is something you simply shouldn’t ignore. “Make sure your body is ready for what you’re asking it to do,” she explained. “Don’t rush it in a workout – get that heart rate up first, get the blood pumping, wake up the muscles and the brain,” added Samuela, noting that the muscle-mind connection is crucial for a workout. successful workout.

Don’t skip the cooldown either

Just as important is post-workout cooldown. “Stretching can help improve blood circulation, which helps your muscles heal,” she said. “It can help relieve muscle soreness and keep you going with your new routine!”

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