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Guyanese Fitness Instructor Shares Tips For Achieving “Hot Body” Goals

With each new year, “get fit” or “lose weight” is the most common resolution. At the start of January, gyms across Guyana are the fastest growing businesses of all. Especially since this is the month coming out of the Christmas season when everyone ate pepper and carbs at family dinners and work dinners in December.

But staying committed to fitness goals is a challenge most of the time. There are also those people who may have had it on their resolution list, but still haven’t started.

We are in February, how are the gyms?

Loop Caribbean sat down with popular Guyanese health and fitness trainer, Kabrol Bayley, to share ways you can reach your fitness goals this year, and not stop training after January.

Bayley, who owns and runs KBFITNESS in Guyana, started his personal fitness journey in 2008. He told Loop he started working out because he was really skinny and wanted to gain weight.

“Being short and skinny wasn’t much fun,” he laughed. “I always watched my older cousin and my aunt train between the ages of 11 and 14, so I would join in from time to time and do whatever I could. One of the hardest parts of this trip, I have realized over the years, is training yourself not to negatively compare your body and background to others.The reason being that even though the human body has its general functions, no two person body takes or only lose weight the exact way,” the expert said.

Most people develop gym anxiety by looking at other people’s bodies and yearning for them as “BODY GOALSSS”.

But according to KB, people must first recognize and understand that looking at another person is not the right source of inspiration. In fact, he said it could have implications for your personal journey.

“I encourage people, even myself, to learn how your own body works, and not get sucked into comparing yourself and your journey with others, as this can negatively affect your results, efforts and your consistency,” he added.

It’s also important to set realistic goals, he said. Many people are caught up in the end result and they want it in a hurry. But the road to physical fitness is very long and fraught with pitfalls, and requires patience, determination and consistency.

“To reach your goal this year, start now! There’s no better time to start your fitness journey than now. The rest will make sense to itself. Something as simple as doing 3 to 5 minutes of exercise before your bath every day is a great way to Start small is perfectly fine, you don’t have to go all out in the beginning. Start small, do something every day and keep growing,” advised Bayley.

Getting a gym buddy is another way to stay engaged, he said. “Some people need someone to empower them and challenge them. If you don’t have a partner and you’re going to use a coach, find one that matches your personality. It will help a lot because different people work better in different circumstances, and every trainer may not be able to meet your needs. But above all, be sure to do your own research. Find what works for your body and work with it to achieve what you want. “, said KB in his encouragement to help you achieve your fitness goal.

After successfully progressing on his personal journey, he developed a passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

“I’m proud to have been able to turn my passion (health and fitness) into a business where I can positively impact the lives of others by jump-starting them on their fitness journey.

Health and fitness not only benefits your physical health, but also your mental health. One of my main goals is to highlight the mental benefits of fitness and to make all of my sessions more therapeutic. Working out is a great mood builder and stress reliever.

A lot of people use exercise as a time to block things out and just relax and unwind,” Bayley said.

Have you started? Start now!

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