A Single Machine, A Tiny Footprint

The Most Productive Training Experience

Train smarter and never miss a workout with the convenience and privacy of your own personal training studio:

  • A single machine: The M2 Total Trainer
  • A holistic approach to fitness: The M2 Fitness System
  • An App:
    • Videos and anatomy pictures tell the story: Step-by-step instructions to guide you through the M2 Fitness System
    • Workout Tracker – tracks your progress for each workout module
    • Workout Library – select workouts that address specific fitness, health and performance interests
    • Cooking and nutritional guidance
    • Program updates
    • Community networks

Why is the M2 Total Trainer  the best gym for you?

Can a home gym be better than your local gym?  Absolutely!  Sure exercise equipment looks and performs better than it used to, but these machines produce the same old exercises.  At some point the question must be asked, “Do exercises need to evolve?”

We believe fitness is limited to the exercises one performs.  The M2 Total Trainer is the only machine that effectively executes McLernon Method exercises

  • Exercises that replicate the natural movement
  • Exercises that properly stimulate the neuromuscular systems to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and power
  • Fitness is defined by possessing the strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and power to perform the activities one desires without causing pain
  • These skills are best acquired through exercises that strengthen correct patterns of movement
  • The M2 Total Trainer and M2 Fitness System provide the machine, system and guidance to safely execute the body’s movement patterns
  • How far can one take fitness?
  • Athletic performance is defined by flexibility, coordination, stamina and power
  • Once a baseline of fitness is achieved, the focus must turn to improving the body’s capacity to perform
  • As performance improves, the benefits to fitness, health and appearance multiply

The M2 Total Trainer’s unique resistance system allows for the safe execution of explosive training.  Turn your home into a cutting edge training facility.

  • The best health insurance is the right exercise & nutrition program
  • Control your lifestyle & health with your personal workout & training studio.
  • Appearance correlates directly to the level of fitness and performance one achieves
  • The M2 Fitness System optimizes fitness and performance
  • Join the fitness revolution!

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Exercise has Evolved, Join the Revolution

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