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Jackson fitness instructor teaches clients how to jump backwards – OXFORD STORIES

Valerie Grace

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A fitness instructor Jackson jumped into the world of book publishing to help others bounce back from weight gain.

Valerie Grace has published a book titled Bounce while jumping which is designed to help readers adopt a healthy lifestyle by skipping rope.

Grace, 54, is from Memphis who grew up skipping rope and playing kickball. She later became a whirlwind and played the clarinet in her undergraduate orchestra.

While attending Provine High School, she excelled in math and science. Grace was heavily involved in school clubs, such as the math club, all the orchestras in town, the National Honors Society, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Beauty and Beaux, and she was the reunion queen in her senior year.

One of his all-time favorite memories was being a member of the Mississippi Lion’s Band when they competed against other bands from every city and won.

Grace is the third child of three children. His older brother and sister both played in the group. While her sister played the clarinet, her brother played the saxophone and wrote music. He taught her to play the clarinet when she was in fifth grade. This is what has helped her to excel in music beyond some of her peers. With scholarships in music, Grace wanted to major in music while in college.

Although it was her dream, her mother – a nurse – influenced her to pursue a medical career. She attended Jackson State University, performed in the band, and majored in biology. She then attended Mississippi College for a nursing school.

She struggled because she was no longer in the group and had no way of expressing herself. As the semester continued, her grades dropped, so she decided to go to summer school.

That summer she was hired by All State Insurance Company. Because she started making money in her career, she never graduated from school and stayed with the insurance company for 11 years.

While working on the inventory, she met her first husband. They exchanged numbers, dated, and later got married and had a daughter.

Five years later, they divorced. When her daughter was 6, Grace remarried. She had met her second husband in high school because he was playing in the band with his brother. She was in 10th grade while he was in 7th grade.

He often joked that she was his girlfriend, and she had no idea he would be her husband 13 years later. He proposed in a unique way. They were in the car together, and he said, “You’re ready to do it,” and that’s it.

This year, they decided to redo their proposal and renew their vows. The plan is to do everything possible for their 25e wedding anniversary.

Grace’s goal when she was younger was to have three children by the age of 30. But at 30, she had only one child. At 31, she became pregnant with baby number two. The third child was born 10 years later at age 41.

Grace had reached almost 200 pounds since the pregnancy. She wasn’t very tall, so she decided she had to find a way to lose weight.

Running didn’t work. Her hair started to thin out, her thyroid was “out of whack” and she had an injured knee. Doctors said she couldn’t run anymore, so she had to find an alternative to lose weight.

The first thing that came to her mind was jump rope, which she had been practicing since she was a child. Grace was tagged on social media for taking part in a jump rope challenge. This led to her losing 32 pounds in four months.

Ten minutes of skipping is like jogging for 30 minutes on a treadmill. For the past few years, she has been running 13 miles just to keep the weight off, which has injured her knees. His next mission was to learn to do tricks by skipping rope.

A friend of her then contacted her to give classes in her gym. She accepted the offer and took another job at a gym owned by her former classmate. This would be the start of his business, Bounce Back Jumping. Grace created a high intensity interval boxing class that included a jump rope. This full body workout is one of his most successful classes.

Today, she teaches jump rope, boxing, step aerobics and crash courses in HIIT. What makes her business unique is that her clients jump rope, skip and jump to the sound of music. It’s almost like dancing.

“You don’t know you’re tired until you stop,” Grace said.

The philosophy is that you can bounce (by) jumping. Something this simple can have major results.

Grace decided to write a book about her success story as a source of inspiration.

Bounce while jumping
Bounce while jumping

Her husband Edward Grace, 49, also helps clients learn skipping techniques using weighted ropes. He even took some lessons from his wife.

“She is such an inspiration and has helped me believe in myself,” he said. “By taking his classes, I lost an incredible amount of weight.”

The important thing to remember is to do what’s best for you because everyone’s body is different, said Valerie Grace.

“Believe in yourself,” she writes in the book. “No matter how many times you fall, there is always time to bounce while jumping.”

Grace’s final piece of advice is, “Never give up your fitness, no matter how old you are. Take one day at a time. Take small goals and achieve them.

For more information about Grace or her book, visit her Facebook page.


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