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Local Fitness Instructor Makes International Waves »TheVoiceBW

With his muscular, ripped physique made even more eye-catching by several large, intricate tattoos, Tshephang ‘Chyna’ Mokaila could easily be mistaken for a Greek god.

Image of good health, the 36-year-old physical trainer is undoubtedly a traveling advertisement for the services he offers.

Speaking to Voice Sport this week, the owner of Ultimate Fitness attributed his obsession with staying fit to his dad.

“I remember watching my dad train every day and I was excited. He finally started inviting me to some of his morning jogs, I’ve never looked back since, ”he explained.

Realizing that he could make a living from his passion, Mokaila opened Ultimate Fitness in 2013.

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“It offers services ranging from health, personal and group training, aerobics, sports conditioning and sports psychology. The company also operates my personal fitness brand, CMFit, which offers a wide variety of workout programs.

One of the most popular routines is the Ultimate Functional and Bodyweight Training Program, which is designed to help a person lose weight fast and build muscle.

“This program includes different classes designed not only to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, but also to inspire and motivate you.”

With Covid-19 stopping the sport, the quick-thinking Mokaila improvised and came up with the CMFit Virtual.

“This program came into play when everything, including the gyms, was abruptly stopped due to illness. I had to find a way to make money while helping people stay fit in the midst of the pandemic. ”

The program proved to be a huge success and helped Mokaila build awareness of its brand abroad.

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“It really paid off as I was recognized internationally, as I now have clients from Canada, Austria, Italy and Zimbabwe to name a few,” the instructor revealed. skilled aerobics.

Indeed, with qualifications from Australia, the United States (National Professional Coaching Federations) and the Netherlands (World Football Academy), Mokaila is one of the most decorated fitness coaches in the country.

The muscular man also serves as a physical trainer for the country’s largest football club, the Township Rollers.

“I joined Rollers in 2014. It was not easy at first because Rollers are a team of stars and I was still young, so it was a problem to manage these stars.”

Now a star himself, Mokaila has gained self-confidence and established himself as an integral part of Popa’s recent success.

“I took it as a learning curve and became a better fitness trainer because I’ve had real success with the club over the years. It is not a simple task to keep a team like Rollers in shape throughout the season and which has won them titles, ”he said proudly.

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Despite everything he has achieved, Makaila still has big ambitions for the future.

“My plan is to distribute all of my training services to the world. I am currently working on the CMFit app which would see all of my purchased workout routines and meal plans worldwide, and the app is expected to be done before the end of 2021! ”

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