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Mid Coast Fitness Instructor Nominated For National Award | Manning River Hours

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She’s a powerhouse with a bubbly personality and now Margie Brown has been nominated for Fitness Australia’s Group Instructor of the Year title. She won’t know until mid-February if she’s one of the finalists, but Margie was thrilled to learn of her nomination from a group of women she teaches at iGym. Their submissions spoke of Margie’s “lovely combination of being both supportive and empowering in an engaging and sympathetic manner” and her “infectious personality”, besides being a funny and honest woman who is also a busy mother of four children. Margie will have been a fitness instructor for nine years in March. “I’m jumping between Forster and Taree iGym, and Forster and Taree YMCA and Wingham Pool for Aqua.” She is on staff at the YMCA and is a subcontractor for iGym, and runs around 10 to 12 classes per week, including aqua, spin, step, strength training and freestyle aerobics. She admits that until last year, she didn’t even know the prices existed. “I shared it with my boss at the YMCA and no one had heard of it.” I joked on Facebook, ‘it’s an award that wants to name me’, and people did! “Her nomination was announced at the end of 2019 and Margie was to explain why she thinks she deserves the award and what she has done for the community (which includes leading the warm-up during the Dementia Walk in Taree “It’s a domino effect. Once you get the mental stuff right, it all gets big and you get so much out of it. It’s a catalyst for a lifestyle change.” She said that she had stopped eating “shit” and started doing exercise videos at home, while her kids were “climbing all over me.” “It took me a year to lose around 47 kilograms. “She loved working out and found it made her feel good and at one point she felt she could stand up in front of people and do it too. “I was mentored by a local lady here, and I started in front of the class and doing the movements but not speaking.” I loved it and I just got stronger and stronger. ”She has her certificate. 4 in fitness and is currently studying a remedial massage degree. She said the membership rate with the older generation is excellent. “Just sit down and stand up. Everyone in the gym inspires me to keep going. They are just amazing. “It’s the little things. Whether they can tie their shoelaces, or get tough in squats today, for some it’s a social thing.” Margie said that whatever she brings to class, it is ‘is herself. “What I give is me.” Someone who did some of my first lessons said when the music started,’ something magical happened to you ‘. “I had a year to do it. Is that sweet?” I don’t think there is anything talking, but it must be something. “I love her so much. This passion is bubbling up and it’s fun.” Margie can relate to people who come to the door and are intimidated when entering a fitness class. “Just stepping through the door is inspiring. It’s one thing that builds confidence. ”In addition to helping people lead healthier lives, Margie said it’s the relationships with people she has built over the years. times that mean a lot to her too. “I love people. You learn about them and become friends. I have a network of friends here. It’s personal.” Everyone is so welcoming. A lady even came over one night and gave me a hug afterwards. “You come in when you’ve had a hard day and it makes your job interesting.” I’m so passionate about helping people through functional movement and having fun! I really want members / people usually believe in themselves and give their bodies (and themselves) a little love! ”Did you know that the River Manning Times now offers last minute alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up here.


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