M2 Total Trainer + 3 month Membership

$3,500.00 $3,250.00

M2 Total Trainer

  • The safest, most complete training experience in the smallest footprint
    • 6'6" tall
    • 8" deep
    • 32" wide
  • Two independent cords each allow 10' of movement to provide the most neurologically-rich training experience
    • 2.5 lbs - 135 lbs in 2.5 lb increments
    • More weight than you'll ever need
  • The only machine that enables the safe and effective execution of the M2 Fitness System

M2 App (annually)

3 months of access to McLernon Method materials and community. Membership includes:

  • Step-by-step video and anatomy instruction through the McLernon Method Fitness System
  • Personal Workout Tracker
  • Workout Library for specific exercise interests
  • Cooking and nutritional guidance
  • Program Updates
  • Community Groups


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