The M2 Total Trainer Adds Value To Your Business

  • The most valuable tool a trainer can own, the M2 Total Trainer addresses the needs of all fitness markets in a compact space.
  • The M2’s unique resistance system enables the safe execution of exercises that replicate each of the body’s functional movement patterns.  These exercises provide the most neurologically rich training environment to most efficiently improve fitness, performance and health.  The keys to a high quality of life.
  • Turn your home or clients’ homes into a complete training studio with one machine.
  • Compliment existing equipment and training programs
  • Become a licensed practitioner of the McLernon Method Fitness System

The M2 Total Trainer provides the best resistance when it comes to rehabilitating muscles, correcting body alignment and correcting movement mechanics.

  • Unlike plate-loaded pulley machines, the M2’s unique resistance system matches the strength curve of a muscle contraction, enabling muscles and joints to safely execute complete movement patterns.
  • Rubber tubings provide a very uneven form of resistance, going from no resistance to maximum resistance in a very short distance.  The M2 has two independent cable systems, each providing 10 feet of fluid resistance.
  • Go from 2.5 – 135 pounds in 2.5 pound increments.

The M2 Total Trainer is the best tool to strengthen athletes for performance.  Efficiently producing power while effectively maintaining balance are the hallmark skills of a great athlete.  Virtually all athletic movement requires pushing into the ground to generate power and receiving the ground to absorb force and create stability.

  • The bench press is not a functional exercise.  The squat is not a functional exercise.  The pull-up is not a functional exercise.  Planks and crunches are not functional exercises.
  • Developing movement skills requires exercise progressions that strengthen the proper neurological sequencing of muscles.
  • The M2 Total Trainer strengthens athletes and reduces injuries through exercises that replicate both the explosive speeds and the movement patterns required in sports.  These exercises properly train the neurological system to perform on the field, court or course.

Maximize Space, Money, Health & Fitness

Exercise should be the frontline of preventative care, but inappropriate equipment, outdated exercises and lack of industry guidance have prevented personal trainers from appropriately addressing the needs of the fitness market.

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