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Savannah fitness instructor opens new workout studio to encourage female empowerment


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A new fitness, health and empowerment studio opened on East 70th Street earlier this month.

Firm Savannah founder Sheena Allen hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for her establishment on March 6, days before International Women’s Day.

The fitness instructor says she’s helped other women navigate their personal fitness journeys over the past decade.

The mother of four says she has led Zumba, full body, dance fitness and boot camp classes at locations across the region, including the Habersham YMCA.

Allen, who also owned a full-time auto accessories and striping business for 17 years, said a change in her sanity led her to open a studio.

“I’ve always dreamed of having my own studio, but COVID really pushed me because I saw a difference in my mental health when I couldn’t have this interaction,” said Allen, who previously taught virtual fitness classes during the pandemic.

“We need each other to stay safe, but we also need this inner energy from each other to become better, you know, to live, basically,” Allen told WSAV NOW.

The fitness trainer says she currently limits her classes to 22 participants per session, although she can normally accommodate 60 to 80 clients.

She keeps the large studio doors open on either side during class to allow for better air circulation and social distancing.

Allen, who says she’s danced and been active most of her life, says people can look forward to high-energy workouts when they stop by The Firm Savannah.

“We have everything from Zumba to full body classes, which consist of weights and bands,” she said, adding that she was planning to add an outdoor workout area to the studio at. the future.

Men are welcome, Allen says, although she currently only has a few male clients.

“I think it’s intimidating for them to be outnumbered by a woman,” she said. “Guys, I encourage you to come to this space and show us what you got!” “

Allen says his own fitness journey began around the birth of his first child.

“I realized how much I wasn’t enjoying my body, and I really wasn’t using myself and my abilities,” she said.

Allen says she has had clients between the ages of 14 and 83 and encourages anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle to take small steps with realistic goals.

“Do something everyday, whether it’s 10 or 15 minutes about your mental and physical health, just do something small that gives you back just to make you feel empowered and that will help you grow taller,” Allen mentioned.

“I want you to learn lifestyle goals, I want you to have something that you can take with you forever,” she said.

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