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School Districts to Comply with New Fitness Assessment | Latest titles

Friday morning, Grade 3 children from Newton Elementary School do push-ups in Wendy Weathers’ physical education class.


A new fitness assessment in state public schools went into effect this year, reducing the requirements for students to focus on more specific strengths.

The Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment, which replaces the President’s Challenge Fitness Test, assesses students twice a year on aerobic cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and endurance, abdominal strength and endurance, and flexibility.

Students are then classified into three areas for each area: need for improvement, good physical shape, and good physical shape.

Exercises used in the assessment include a one-mile run, 90-degree push-ups, partial crunches, and a “sit and reach”.

According to the Alabama Department of Education, the new assessment is intended for physical education teachers to monitor and help students improve their overall health, identify their strengths and weaknesses, communicate with students and parents on a child’s fitness status and generate data to track student health. – physical condition linked to local and state levels.

Dale County Schools Superintendent Donny Bynum said schools in the district had already implemented programs focused more narrowly on children’s health. The district has built a gymnasium at Newton Elementary School and has long-term plans to build them at other schools, he said.

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