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Silver Sneakers pays forward to his fitness instructor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – They may be retired and over 55, but nothing is holding back the Silver Sneakers class at the Marlborough Community Center, especially with Shoranda Stonum leading the class.

Renee Williams said Stonum inspires the class to exercise and stay active with her energy and dedication to them.

“She’s a great lady who not only runs our class, she takes us on field trips and brings us goodies,” said Williams. “One of those treats is to treat us like friends.”

Williams said the class, which is sponsored by Kansas City Parks and Rec, meets every Wednesday and for some it’s the only time they’ve left their homes.

Class is therefore very important for these elderly people, as it is their only connection to community and companionship.

After handing over the $ 400 gift card to Williams, we interrupt the class and totally shock Stonum.

“I am totally speechless! But I want to say thank you to my classy Silver Sneakers, “said Stonum,” Like I told them, they keep me going!

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